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SafeAbility: Safe and Able to Work

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What does SafeAbility mean for job seekers and workers?

What does SafeAbility mean for job seekers and workers? Too often, a disability puts emphasis on what a worker cannot do. SafeAbility responds to this by putting emphasis on what a worker can do, and more. Health and safety are more of a lifestyle for the person with a disability or injured worker than a mere concern.

It’s a fact that persons with disabilities and injured workers have to take some extra precautions before starting a new job. Accommodations may be required to perform certain tasks, and modifications to the workplace environment may be required before a job can be done safely. A job/risk analysis may have to be performed to determine essential duties. But often, these adjustments benefit all workers, not just workers with disabilities.

In a fully-accessible job, workers with disabilities are aware of emergency medical services and first aid, ergonomics, possess knowledge about the risks associated with exposure to chemical and physical agents; are trained in hazard communications, warning devices and workplace harassment.

SafeAbility offers disabled workers and workplace-injured workers these skills, which in turn make them more marketable. With this kind of professional development credit on their resume, the worker will break down barriers in the workplace and act as role models to others in the process.

SafeAbility will help the worker with a disability or injured worker to:

  • Identify hazards and hazardous potentials in the workplace
  • Learn the role and responsibilities of workplace parties, including the rights of workers
  • Recognize ways to control hazards
  • Pinpoint steps needed to get ready for work
  • Be prepared to handle individual health and safety needs.

Delivered in plain language and formats that suit the needs of all learners, SafeAbility is a package that provides inclusive solutions to all your learning needs. Become part of the workforce again and this time, play safe.



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